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Book Review: Falling in Love with Me (Marcy Morrison)

One of the hidden benefits of outstanding dating profile photos is that people look at them and feel good about themselves-I love it when a customer looks at their photos and says “I Like me!

Feeling comfortable “In our own skin” is a REALLY great preface to having a good experience when dating.

Take a little time

When I came across this little book that Marcy wrote I was a little skeptical, I mean it’s just a few pages long and could be easily read in an afternoon. But when I met Marcy over a coffee here in San Diego I promised her that I would spend a little time working on the concepts in the book prior to reviewing it!

No Prejudices

I would urge anyone to put their logical mind “aside for a day” and read this with an open mind! And while some people may not believe in “Soulmates” or “The Universe” there is MUCH practical wisdom in this book, namely:

1-Let yourself Find out who you are
2-Open yourself to allow more of what you want in
3-Value and Appreciate and honor  Who you are every day
4-Enjoy and express you

And for the record great L.O.V.E acronym Marcy!

Size doesn’t matter.

Don’t be deceived by the size of this book too- it asks important Questions (one of the things I like about Marcy is her ability to ask BIG QUESTIONS so gently)

…..What would your life look like if it was working the way you want it to?
What do you need to shed that is no longer serving you?…

The Value

This book is of value because when we feel better about ourselves we have the potential to enjoy life more and enjoy the process of dating more too! (We become literally MORE ATTRACTIVE)

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