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Bad dating advice to avoid

When it comes to dating everyone has an opinion.
Here are 2 of the WORST dating tips that I’ve heard!

1. Play hard to get

Don’t be available for a last minute dates…and wait before calling or texting him/her back.
Here’s the logic is to show them that you have a great life full of good things and great friends, who make you important and make them, want you. The problem with this advice is that you’ll risk missing some wonderful spontaneous moments and that you can miss quality people who just don’t like playing this game. Another version of this advice is the phrase “Treat em mean, keep em keen”-which is a guarantee to drive away anyone with good self-esteem

2. Don’t sleep with your date until “x” number of days

Some people advise that the longer you wait until you have sex the better relationship that you’ll have and then there are others who advise you to sleep with people more quickly (as if you’re not sexually compatible that it’s best to find out before you’re in love with someone.)
Now I’m not here to moralize, but what I do know is that you need to work out this number for yourself, for some people it may be no sex before marriage, for others it’ll work much faster…the key is to think about what works for you and avoid advice of others

Some Good Advice

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