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Interview with a Top Maryland Photographer (& Washington DC area)

Meet Ann

I’m Soooooo Grateful that Ann’s on the LookBetterOnline team! I realize this when I look at Ann’s photos-whether they are the candid dating profile photos that she offers LookBetterOnline customers or her family photos that capture the beauty of a family moment.

Highly skilled & experienced

Ann’s definitely a top Maryland photographer…she’s had a camera in her hand since she was 15. As a professional freelancer for over 35 years, photography has been her way of expression and creativity, and has always been her passion. Ann enjoy’s the challenge that each job brings and finds the “creative connection” with each person. In Ann’s words

“With candid portraits, I have fun reaching in and pulling out your personality through my work.  In the end, everyone has had a good time.”

3 Questions for Ann

To give you a better sense of who Ann is, I recently asked her 3 questions about photography…here are her replies:

Giles ( What do you love about portrait photography?
I learned early on that photography was a passion of mine. I’ve had a knack for relaxing people in photos ever since my teens.  I started photographing children, then my classmates for yearbook and on to families and events.  My first love will always be the intimacy of a portrait session. I think my calming personality relaxes my clients to allow themselves to open up to me and I find those sweet spots to capture.  Not sure what it is, but they feel I “get” them and I am able to express that in my work.  Anyone who starts out with “no one ever gets a good photo of me” comes away with the biggest smile when they see how I have captured them.  Their inner self comes out in my photos. Maybe its the angle or just catching the smile or look at the right time, but my clients can finally say “wow, I can look good in a photo”. Knowing I have created images that will help their self-esteem to use in work, on a dating site or sharing with a loved one, feels great to me.

Giles ( Can you share something about yourself that most people don’t know about you to our customers?
Ann: I’ve been a “people person” ever since childhood,  being the “welcome wagon” of the neighborhood. Having a very social personality has lend itself to a career in photography. Once I found my niche with my camera, I realized I could capture so many special moments and bring smiles to so many people with these images. Be it at a party, my daughters being silly with their friends, or a simple gathering of my own best buds, my photos stand out because I know when to wait for the right shot.  Photography for me is not simply a job, but an extension of my personality.  I love my photos so much that when I run into clients from years past, I can chat with them about specific photos, what they were wearing, doing etc. They are always in awe that I remember them, but that’s me, a “photographic memory” of special times.

Giles ( Any Advice and/or tips to a prospective customer?
When getting ready for a photo shoot, think about those outfits that people have commented on in the past, as in “that look’s great on you”, “when you wear ___ color it really brings your eyes out”.  Have these clothes in mind when having your photo shoot. If you do an “on location” photo shoot, pick a time with the photographer where there will be less people around.  Having you relaxed is key and people mingling about probably won’t bring that out in you.  I find the key to good photos is the mental attitude.  When we chat during the session I sometimes have you think about what your goal is in these photos. Picturing yourself with the man/woman of your dreams and suddenly, the smiles and twinkles I get in the eyes shows through in the photos. Just remember, you can have a room with 5 different photographers, but it’s the one who can choose the right time and pose to make a difference in how you look.  Treat yourself to letting the wonderful you shine through in a professional photo shoot and leave the cell phone photos to Facebook.

Amazing results: What Ann’s customers are saying

They say the proof is in the results…Here’s what Ann’s customers have to say!

When I first joined Match, the photos I included in my profile were those that others had randomly taken of me on outings using a cell phone. I received a fair amount of views and winks. I am not photogenic at all and decided to have Ann take a few pictures. Wow, what a difference! Ann makes you feel so comfortable that you can relax and enjoy the process and the end result are professional but totally natural looking photographs. I have been on Match for about six months now and just had her take new photos for the fall. A small tweak in my profile along with brand new pictures and my responses have doubled. I highly recommend her services.-ADELE

After posting the new pictures on my profile, everything changed. I actually had women who had seen my profile before reach out to me and comment on how much better the photos were, and the responses to me emails were much more positive. I met my current girlfriend on using my profile with Ann’s pictures, and I know that at 50, I finally met the woman of my dreams. I KNOW that this would not have been possible without the new and improved photos that Ann provided. I whole-heartedly recommend letting Ann provide your profile pictures, if you are serious about on-line dating.-PAUL

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