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A letter to women over 40 who haven’t found love yet!

Dear Woman over 40 who hasn’t found love yet,

I want you to Meet my friend Bobbi, she’s a dating coach and I think she has a VERY important message to share with you.

I like Bobbi because just like my other dating coach friends “The Amazing Clarks” she IS the real thing, she’s happy, has met her true life partner and she’s a dating coach who genuinely loves helping people. (Tip for anyone reading this, if you want to marry the man of your dreams then listen carefully to dating coaches with happy marriages who literally married the men of their dreams.)

“So whats so important about Bobbi”? I hear you say…What’s important about Bobbi is that she found love at 47.

If you are a single woman over forty, who is still hoping to meet the man of your dreams… If you’re tired of disappointing dates and feeling like it’s too late or too difficult…then please read on.

Put aside your fears.

Put aside your fears that it might be too late for you to discover love that will nourish you for the rest of your life.

I know, in those quiet moments…you feel sad thinking you will never enjoy the love and affection of a truly great man, you feel needy because a strong women like you shouldn’t feel like she needs anyone to be happy and you feel alone even though you have loving friends and family surrounding you because you feel like the only one who can’t find a man.

Listen to what Bobbi says.

“I know you and so many women like you. I was you not very long ago. You have a lovely and loyal circle of friends and you’re surrounded by nice things. Sometimes you even succeed in convincing yourself that it would be okay living the rest of your life without the love of a man-you’ve had to.
But we know the real truth, we know that all you have just isn’t enough. And when you think of sharing the great life you’ve created with someone you love — and who loves you — you know that could take your life to a whole new level of fulfillment and joy.”

How did Bobbi find (& keep) her dream man?

Well as an outsider I can tell you half the story. Half the story is how she found her man, the other half of her story is how she succeeded in dating him and keeping him!

In Bobbi’s words

When it came to finding her “dream man” let’s hear Bobbi’s words.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have found and married the man of my dreams if it weren’t for my profile pictures. Literally within minutes of posting my new dating profile photos I started getting winks and emails—LOTS and LOTS of them, at least 5 times the number I had been receiving over the previous months.

The best part is that “Larry” was one of them. He winked at me within the first week after I posted my new pics; I winked back; he emailed me and told me that he loved my eyes and my smile. We emailed a few times, and finally met a couple weeks later. Within 6 WEEKS of meeting we planned our wedding. (To put this in perspective: I was 47 when we met and had never been married. I was truly waiting for my perfect match… and there he was!) On September 23rd, 2006, Larry and I got married. These have been the happiest times of our lives. I know from talking to him that it was the pictures that initially captured his interest. (Of course it’s my sparkling personality that also came through!) But honestly, Larry says he never would have even read my profile if it wasn’t for my “beautiful pictures.” I’ve read things like this for years and thought it would never happen to me. But it did!

Online dating does work and there is no question that having professional pictures taken is 100% critical to opening up the most possibilities, and the ultimate success: true love!

PS I finally talked my girlfriend into getting online and having you take her pics. Sure enough, she met the man of her dreams! The four of us spend time together and I can tell you that they, too, are another success story!)”

– Bobbi, Long Beach, CA

Bobbi’s dating profile photos

Here are Bobbi’s “before and after” dating profile photos for you to see for yourself!

The other half of the story

The other half of the Story is how Bobbi succeeded in dating and keeping her dream man. I’ll let her tell this side of the story (visit her website and she’ll give you all the tips and advice you need) Her expertise comes from decades of teaching, consulting, managing and mentoring people.  More importantly, it comes from becoming a first-time bride at age 47.

I hope you find the love you deserve
Warmest  regards

The most important thing you need to know…get good dating profile pictures

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    Great article! It’s true that the right photo makes a world of difference!


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    If i have good photo posted on a dating site, i think i can find my Perspective partner?


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    LOL we’ll I think a good photo will give you a better chance 🙂


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