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Dating profile mistakes people make without knowing; Revealed by top Los Angeles online dating photographer

Let me tell you a little about my friend Charlotte.

Charlotte is in my opinion one of the finest online dating photographers you’ll ever meet! Simply stated she is masterful in her work. Here’s an example of the standard of the photos that she takes here as an online dating photographer in Los Angeles, California.

(Whether you live in Los Angeles or not if you are interested to see more of what she does as an online dating photographer.)

The reason I’m writing this blog post though is as a direct result of a telephone chat I had with Charlotte recently.

She explained to me one of the most common dating profile mistakes people make without even knowing it!

After the photo shoot – what’s next?

So let’s imagine you have just finished a photo session and now you have 12, 18 or 24 gorgeous, shiny images of yourself!

Well, as excited as you may be to put your new pictures to good use, here is something to keep in mind.

“I often receive follow-up emails from my customers after a shoot”, says Charlotte. “Almost everybody asks for advice on which photos to use”.

“Although all of the images you will receive from me are an excellent selection for on-line dating purposes, some dating sites limit the number of images you can upload”.

A little overwhelming.

“Unless you are a professional model, it can certainly be a little overwhelming to select your favorites, not to mention seeing yourself in a whole new, and better, light. Should I go for the half-body shots or the close ups? What about the “big grin” as opposed to the “soft smile”? Does my hair look good? How about my tie, is it too business like or just right?”

As an online dating photographer Charlotte has heard it all…

A few trusted friends

“We are often not very good at judging our own image and what may be important to you may not be something anyone else would pay attention to, or even notice. So instead of obsessing over real or imaginary details, why not let a few trusted friends help you select the pictures that best represent you? “

Yes I hear you say this all makes perfect sense, but what about this dating profile mistake you mentioned in the title of this article that people make without even knowing it?

What most people don’t know.

“What is mind boggling to me”, says Charlotte, “is that so many people leave their old profile photos up for sentimental reasons, even after adding their new, professional ones. A party snapshot from that drunken weekend in Vegas. Three fuzzy cell phone photos of Fido, Buster, and Rover sleeping in the back yard. An “artistic” mirror self-portrait from 2007. A faded beach bikini scan from Cabo San Lucas, some 30 pounds ago. They might all be fun for your memory lane scrap book project but those old photos will do nothing to generate interest in your new dating profile.”

What’s worse, people who browse your profile will critique you by your least flattering picture – not your best.

Let me say this again for emphasis:

People who browse your profile will critique you by your least flattering picture – not your best.

“You just made a real effort to improve your look online, spent time and money on your new photos. So do yourself a favor and remove the old duds from your profile once and for all. Let your least flattering profile picture be just as terrific as your best!”

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Comments (4)

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    I agree, people will judge you by your worst, not by your best photo!


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    Yes, first impressions count! Good pictures make a difference between getting or NOT getting a chance to meet someone… Professional photos are best! Lighting is most important, but it takes a professional eye. Also agree, the old photos must go!


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    When I look at girls’ profiles, I totally expect the main photo and maybe a couple more pictures to look good, but it’s always the last pictures that tell the true story…

    So yeah, if she is not attractive in the last photo, let’s say she looks drunk or corny or something, well that would be enough for me to assume that is her real self and I will probably just rate her on that one alone,and quickly lose interest…. even if all the other pictures are OK.

    Lesson to be learned: All pictures have to be equally good. or people will dismiss you on the one that isn’t… Sucks, but it’s true.


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    I agree with Nik! We tend to fall back on the worst instead of the best. Especially when we don’t know someone yet!


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