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5 Tips for a Click-Worthy Profile Photo for Online Dating

Online dating can be much fun and exciting. Despite the hustle and bustle of working life, single men and women looking for that perfect partner now rely on the power of online dating apps or websites. However, choosing the perfect photo for your profile can be an excruciating task. Remember, with online dating, you only have a split second to make a lasting impression, and profile photos are the best tool to create that impact. 

We all want to find our perfect match. Because we are visual beings, our profile pictures play a vital role. Most people will generally come up with an assumption of the type of person you are, based on your profile photos. For this reason, how do you let your profile photo speak about your personality?

1. Think Instagram Standards

What draws most people to follow a certain profile are their Instagram-worthy photos. Social media influencers put more effort into their photos – every good photo converts to one follower. The same concept applies to the online dating world.

Putting effort into choosing the perfect profile photo also tells your possible match how much you are willing to put into a potential relationship. There are so many available photo editing apps you can use, though be careful not to overdo it. Another thing to take note of when taking an Instagram-worthy photo is the lighting. Good lighting It is the foundation of an eye-catching photo – even professional photographers agree that natural indirect light is ideal for portraits.

2. Let your face be the focus on the picture

Let your natural beauty shine and focus on that stunning facial features of yours. Don’t choose photos where hats or sunglasses cover the majority of your face. Find your best angle and showcase your best feature. Less is beautiful, so avoid posting a photo of you wearing too much make-up or wearing excessive pieces of jewelry. Pictures of you directly looking at the camera is also one of the best ways to show your sincerity. Women think that men who establish eye contact are more trustworthy and less dangerous.

Look as natural as you would be in person but in a warm and pleasant way possible. Don’t forget to show your best asset – your smile.

3. Use your photo to start a conversation

To succeed in the online dating world, it is important that people will react based on your profile. Make them feel that just by looking at your photo, that they would want to have a conversation with you. If you are into music, post a picture of you playing an instrument or any activity you always engage in, like hiking or volunteering. This will make your possible matches more eager to swipe right and a hankering to know you better. You may also post photos from your most recent holiday tri, which is a brilliant conversation starter.

4. Let your fur babies steal the limelight

Most people will stay away from posting photos of their adorable furry babies since they feel that it will lessen their chances of getting matches. The truth is, it is the exact opposite. Pet Wingman conducted a week-long experiment, and it had been concluded that those whose profile photos included their fur babies had higher matches. Photos with pets show that a person is not only kind and gentle but also playful and responsible.

5. Post a solo picture

It will be difficult to identify you in a photo with multiple people. It is best that you stand alone in your profile picture. Avoid pictures with an ex or even a photo that seems like you are on a date.

Incorporate these tips into your profile photos, and people will surely be interested to see the real you. Be natural and do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Your photos should showcase your personality, hobbies, and interests. To that end, you are looking for someone who possibly is a serious life partner. 

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