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5 Practical dating tips

1. Don’t spend too much time on the phone before a date.

A brief, 5- to 10-minute conversation is enough to get a feeling of who they are and pave the way to a comfortable first date. Long conversations can create a lot of expectations and tension that can spoil a first date…Remember to let things unfold naturally

2. Appetizers or a drink NOT dinner.

Much less pressure.

3. Dress appropriately

Something that you feel comfortable and confident in as the last thing you want on a first is to worry about how you look.

4. Phone OFF

Unless you have kids then turn it OFF!

5. Don’t set your expectations too high.

Chill out and let things unfold naturally Simply go to your date with the idea to have fun and get to know the other person, instead of seeing whether they are “The One”

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