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5 Online Dating Profile Picture Ideas You Must Never Use – Our Guide


If you’ve ever had a taste of the online dating world, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen a fair share of awkward dating profile pictures. Some of them make you cringe, while some others make you laugh out loud. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to be one of them. With that said, here are five profile picture ideas you must never use:

1. The Party-Hards

Unfortunately, plenty of people think it is a great idea to snap photos of themselves in a club. It would be alright if they took it early in the beginning, as more often than not, they’d be looking great in the first place. Unfortunately, most end up taking photos of themselves after six shots of Jack and can barely look straight into the camera. In other words, a picture of a drunken man or woman isn’t going to net a date.

2. The Past User

Some people do not change much in appearance over the years. In their case, it would be alright to use a photo that isn’t too up-to-date. Of course, the picture shouldn’t be too old either. If you’re planning to use an old shot, there shouldn’t be any clue in the picture anywhere saying how old it is. Otherwise, you are going to find your date missing the moment he or she leaves for the restroom finding that you look much older (and different) than anticipated.

3. The Gym Body Show-Offs

Some guys out there think it is a great idea to go topless and show off their gym bods with a mirror selfie. Sure, there are girls out there who are into that kind of thing, but the majority will get the wrong idea. In other words, a top-less male bod is a one-way ticket to shoo-ing any potential dates.

4. The Traveller

Photos of an individual’s travels are alright, so long as it isn’t generic or cheesy. Forget the pictures of pushing against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or looking frightened in front of a tiger sculpture. It might be funny to your friends, but it is only going to leave your potential lover feeling cringy.

5. The Foodie

One might believe that a shot of one’s self inside a prestigious restaurant is a great way to show off how well-off one is. This is fine if that person is looking for another that shares the same passion for food. However, for the majority of us, a picture of someone eating isn’t the sexiest thing in the world. In fact, it could be out-right revolting. You’re better off using a regular photo and talking about all your food expertise later on.

The common issue that all these profile pictures have is that they’re trying “too hard” to appeal to the masses. The real secret to the best profile picture is to be you. Be authentic, not pretentious. Anything you include in the photo should help define who you are as a person, and tell a story to anyone interested. That way, only the ones that find you will genuinely be interested in getting to know you more.

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