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5 Natural Make-Up Tips for Enhancing Your Dating Profile – Our Guide

When glamming yourself up for headshot your dating profile, it’s the perfect time to enhance your features with the power of makeup naturally. Keep in mind that the keyword is ‘enhance,’ so that means you have to stick to aim for a natural yet refined look.

After all, you wouldn’t want to share your portrait with your profile looking like a completely different person. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of makeup essentials for the no-fuss look and a slap-and-dash kind of beauty process.

Tip #1: Apply a Pore Refiner Primer

Instead of blurring your face with heavy, matte makeup and making your face look like it’s made of rubber, apply this before your everyday makeup to mattify your skin. This will help achieve a seamless yet natural look as it prevents your pores from getting clogged from any BB cream, foundation, or concealer you are planning to apply. Additionally, a pore refiner primer will help keep everything in place all day long even when exposed under the bright lights of a camera. 

Tip #2: Play Around with Light Filtering Photo-Enhancing Powders

This particular finishing powder lets you take matters into your own hands with light-fragmenting technology to brighten, bronze, and illuminate the skin. Be sure to highlight evenly in areas in the face such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, and cupid’s bow right above the lip. 

However, unlike glamour shots, it’s better to pat one thin layer along these areas to achieve a more natural look for finding love online. You want to add a hint of sparkle as a sheer, glowy, or dewy look tends to result in excessive shine in portrait shots. 

Tip #3: Enhance Your Lips Using a Lip Balm

With the help of lip balms, there’s no need to suck on a shot glass for that perfect pout. Lip balms typically keep your lips moisturized with hemp and peppermint oils, vitamin E, cocoa seed butter, and shea butter. This adds depth and subtle definition to your natural lip color or favorite lipstick by making it one shade lighter or darker.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Shade of Foundation

Many people prefer to use a shade darker than their natural skin tone for the foundation as it adds depth, color, and promotes a chiseled look. While it’s a glamorous look for social events, it’s best to keep it natural and straightforward for dating profiles since the goal is to capture your beauty for what it is. 

With that in mind, stick to a shade that is closest to the color of your skin in the neck and chest area. For a more natural finish, be sure to use an oil-free liquid foundation and try to avoid a matte look too as it tends to cake up in pictures. 

Tip #5: Shape your Brows and Use Mascara for your Eyes

You can reshape your eyebrows during post-production; however, it costs more time and money compared to just waxing your brows in advance. To that end, fill up the gaps with an eyebrow pencil that is either the color of your brows or a shade lighter. You know it’s right when it looks bright, refined, and dark when viewed under soft natural light. 

As for the eyelashes, darker colors work better for mascara when sharing dynamic portraits for potential partners online. Use black instead of the usual brown to give your eyes a subtle pop. After all, photographic lighting tends to lighten the face, so the eyes are what draws immediate attention.

In Conclusion

For enhancing your dating profile, it’s best to say goodbye to trends such as heavily arched brows, heavy contouring, and overlined lips because going natural is what you and the photographer should be aiming for if you want to introduce your raw beauty to the virtual world. 

If you’re looking for an online dating profile photographer to enhance your dating profile with professional photos, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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