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5 First date tips!

First dates can be anything from fun to stressful or boring!

Let’s make sure you’re dates in 2014 are successful with these seven first date tips:

1.Show respect

Dress sharp, show up on time, be polite to the waiter, and give your date your attention.(If you have to keep your phone on (If you have Kids or a friend waiting to call you just in  case the date goes bad) then put it on “vibrate”.

2. Never talk About Your “Ex”

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talk about your Ex.
While I’s easy to talk about your Ex on a first date-because both of you have ‘that terrible Ex in common. Don’t do it!
The idea of a date is to have fun and get to know someone a little better…while later down the road you can discuss past relationships, now is NOT the time…First dates should be drama free and fun!

3. Don’t Interrogate your Date.

It’s a date not a job interview!
I’ve heard many people give the advice that tells you to ask your date lots of questions and listen attentively but remember to allow your date to get to know you too.

4. NEVER Get Drunk

Many of us have been on a date when the other person get’s drunk-it’s no fun at all- remember first impressions count so make a good one.”

5. Relax and be you.

Relax and be you…never try to impress your date and never try to be what you think your date will like! (It’s way too stressful!) Be honest about who you are and what you do.

Also think about this!

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    No One likes a bad first date fro sure!


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