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Do You Dress Up… And Down, Stay In… And Go Out?

You might think that surfing online dating sites and checking out profiles can only be fun.

You’d be wrong.

While you hope that the next page could reveal the love of your life, blurred pictures and clichéd descriptions can lose their shine after the first dozen or so. In this month’s newsletter, we reveal how to dump the dull phrases and let the real you shine through.

And with online dating now as mainstream as sushi for two, we explain why you still shouldn’t put all your eggs on the Web, and reveal the secret that turns online singles into happy couples.

Read on…

Do You Dress Up… And Down, Stay In… And Go Out?

Log on to any major dating site, and you’ll be told that gazillions of people are members, billions are currently online and millions have already met, married and are living happily ever after. Or almost as many.

With huge numbers of people flooding dating sites, you’d expect that reading a profile would be like opening a new book. Each would be unique, individual and filled with character, just like the person who wrote it.

And yet, spend more than half an hour on any dating site, and you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re looking at a matchmaking company for Stepford Wives.

Every other profile says exactly the same thing. The same phrases turn up on profile after profile:

“I’m comfortable in jeans… and a little black dress.”

“I like going out… and staying in sometimes to watch TV.”

“I like movies, books and music…”

Well, of course you do. Everybody wears clothes, which is what the first phrase says. Everybody likes to leave their house sometimes and to come back to it after a while, which is what the second sentence says. And everyone likes to entertain themselves with entertainment products. That’s what they’re for.

The reader can safely assume that the person behind the profile can wear clothes that suit different occasions. He can also assume that he’ll like to laugh (the laughter itself is usually a giveaway), that he’s loyal to his friends (the people he’s not loyal to are called “bosses”) and that he’s passionate about something (even if it’s lying in bed from Friday night to Monday morning).

There are some things about each other that we can just take for granted. You don’t need to mention them on a profile.

What you can mention on a profile though, is where you go when you get dressed up, which movie you saw last and what you thought of it. And what you’d really like to do if you didn’t have to work for a living and had a private jet at your disposal.

All of those things tell the reader who you are. They tell the reader what’s unique about you and what they can expect life with you to be like. And they do it without wasting space on a profile with phrases that say nothing.

If your profile makes you sound like a robot, cut the clichés and talk about you. It’s what we want to know.

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

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Dean Shanson

Dean Shanson

Dean Shanson is a New York Times best-selling ghostwriter who specializes in online dating. He has written dozens of articles about relationships, asked Mars/Venus author, John Gray, how his ideas apply to cyberdaters, discussed online dating with Kosher Sex author, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and been called “a brilliant dog!” by Elle magazine’s advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll. He has also helped more than 500 online singles produce dating site profiles that are humorous, interesting, persuasive and appealing. Dean is committed to helping serious online loveseekers find the life-partners they’re looking for. His experience, objectivity and eye for detail can turn any profile into an engaging text that turns your best qualities into fantastic, lifetime opportunities.

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