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3 Ways to Get Attractive Profile Pictures for More Matches – Our Guide

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With the advent of smartphones and social media revolutionizing the way we interact with one another, it’s no secret that dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid have become hotspots where the people of today search for their future partners. As more singles convert towards taking a straight-to-the-point approach about dating nowadays, dating apps have grown even more important as they cut out the approach of old-time courtship. 

While it may be safe to say that it’s easy to set up a dating app profile and start swiping and messaging away, matching with the desired circle of people is another story. The common mistake that many people make is when they send a message to a potential partner without taking their profile picture into consideration, and most people wonder why they never get a reply back! 

The importance of having an appealing profile picture

Sure, they may seem like no more than a picture that shows what you look like, but profile pictures hold more symbolism than one may expect––they’re the first impressions that lure in your potential match. Profile pictures essentially act as anyone’s basis on finding out who you are and what you’re like before they even get to talk to you. This just goes to show that it’s important to choose the right picture for your profile! 

If you haven’t been getting any matches or replies from anyone on every dating app that you’re using, then it’s safe to say that your profile picture is the potential culprit. Thankfully, the mistake of choosing the wrong profile picture is a surprisingly-reversible one that can be fixed with the following helpful tips: 

1. Retouch your photos minimally 

Thanks to the technology of today, anyone’s bad photos can be retouched a bit into better ones that can represent them best. In any batch of photos that you may have, chances are that you’ll have a few shots that look great, but would look better if it weren’t for a few blemishes, stains, or wrinkles that throw the entire ensemble off. Fortunately, you can take out these easily-curable imperfections and make your potential profile picture look even more attractive for anyone to see the real you.

2. Pose properly when you have to take a new set of photos 

One of the worst ways that you can ruin a profile picture is to come unprepared to an online dating profile picture shoot and not know how to pose once the photographer starts taking photos. Before you get your photos taken, do yourself a favor and come prepared by practicing a few poses in the mirror to show your true yet most confident and comfortable self. 

3. Dress the part in your profile picture

Dating profiles and job interviews have one aspect in common: it is never advisable to dress in nothing more than a tank top, boxers, and a pair of flip-flops. When it comes to getting your best shot in a dating profile display picture, it is ideal to dress in a way that best represents your qualifications—in this case, it’s your competency to be someone’s perfect match. 

Getting your dating profile display picture right is a great way to ensure that you’ll get a good amount of matches with a special someone that can potentially be your long-term partner. If you’re looking to enhance your dating game with a profile picture to match, then get in touch with Look Better Online’s online dating profile photographers right away! 

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