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3 Tips on how to “Break the Ice” on a first date, and have way more fun.

1. Pick the right location!

Choose a date that can create easy conversation. Going to the Movies is not necessarily the best choice because most of the date is spent in silence! If your date likes going to galleries or a museum or even a sporting event then these kinds of dates make for easy conversation.

2. Ask good questions

Ask your date questions and show an interest, (And Don’t to get too personal too)

3. Chill out and make peace with Silence

When you are nervous, you tend to create small talk!
Small talk might help pass the time, but it won’t help you really get to know your, let go of the need to constantly talk, and sit comfortably in a natural silence. Chilling out when you date will also help them feel more comfortable too! And you’ll stand a better chance of finding out – remember that it’s not a race to get to know people and let things unfold naturally.

4. Help your date

During your time dating, you’re likely to find yourself on a date with someone who is more nervous than you. Know that this is normal and gently help them to relax and enjoy your date.

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