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3 Tips on Creating the Best Online Dating Profile Picture – What to Know

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Today, we swipe left, we swipe right. We scroll through different dating platforms and make judgments within the first few seconds of seeing someone’s profile picture. In the world of online dating, those “first few seconds” can be the difference between finding a great partner and finding no one at all. Do you know what that means? Your profile picture has to be the best! It has to make the best first impression so that the next time someone stumbles upon your profile, they’ll start considering getting to know you and dating you. 

Here are three tips on how you can have the best online dating profile picture.

1. Put an Actual Photo of Yourself

Some people feel like profile pictures aren’t necessary, and that dating platforms are meant to be used to get to know a partner more. Although some people may feel that way, too, the majority still wants to see your face. In the end, even those who deem pictures unimportant will always want to see a look! 

Stop leaving the profile picture with the blank images or photos that aren’t you. People spend a lot of hours coming up with a perfect capture of their faces, and if they stumble across you with no image (or even a picture that’s irrelevant), they’ll ignore you.

Make sure your photo is up to date, also! The last thing you want to happen is to stumble with a person who supposedly looks like she is 24, but ends up looking 40 when you meet the individual. You don’t want that to happen to you, so don’t be that person to do it to others, too.

2. Use Various Photos of You

If the dating platform allows you to utilize multiple photos, like a slideshow, then do so. However, when we say various, we aren’t talking about different things of what you own and so on. Instead, we’re talking about multiple pictures of how you look. 

No, not ten different photos from the same location, but different photos from different places, doing different things. Of course, you will still need to use your face as the main profile picture, but for the album, including something else about you. 

What you’re trying to show here is who you are, what your activities are—your life in a sense. If you don’t have that many photos, that’s probably why you’re still single. Get out there and start living life. Who knows, while you’re out and about taking pictures, you’ll run into someone that interests you! 

3. Put You and Only You

Whatever you do, don’t play the guessing game. Don’t put up a group photo and make people wonder which one is you. More often than not, the most attractive person they see in the picture will end up not being you. 

Sure, group photos are great but don’t use them as a profile picture. What’s worse is that people can misunderstand the picture. You may have a group photo with a bunch of girls that are your friends or even sisters. However, potential dates can get turned off by such a picture. In other words, keep it simple and put only you on the profile picture.

Keep everything simple when it comes to creating your online dating profile. Use a current picture that shows your face as the profile picture, and use other images that focus on you to support your profile. That way, people quickly learn about you and find an interest in you. Think of it like this: what are you looking for when using the dating app? What critical points in the profile picture are you paying attention to? If you’re looking for a high-quality and up-to-date image of a face with albums filled with the individual’s activities and adventures, you should do the same!

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