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3 Things that Men Need to Know (and Women Need to look for)

As I write this post I realize there may be a few folks who disagree with what I say and that’s OK!


1. Be Authentic and Confident in who you are

Confidence is key! Women love confidence. And I don’t mean cockiness…I mean the confidence to be authentic!
If you’re nervous about a first date then you might want to try some exercise an hour or two prior to getting ready and going out (Often being in your body will get you “Out” of your nervous mind)

And when it comes to talking- stay in the comfort zone by coming up with a few subjects that won’t get you into trouble (And AVOID at all costs Politics or Religion!…I know obvious eh!)
If you’re not sure what to talk about then  ask your date about their life, listen and go from there.

Also don’t forget there’s is a fine line between being confidence and cocky – nobody likes a cocky guy who is too cool, so keep it real

Ways to feel more confident:

Don’t slouch!
Take a couple of deep breaths and Stand or sit  tall! Pull your shoulders back  and pick your chin up No one looks confident if they are always looking down!
Slow down and take a breath
When you get nervous, your voice goes up and you’ll talk faster than you realize.  These are two dead giveaways for lack of confidence…so breathe deeply and relax…It’s not a race to impress her!

Don’t be needy

Drinks are fine for a first date. But don’t order a 6 course meal just to impress her…it won’t (Unless she’s just after your money in which case you’re better off ditching her)

Now I’m all about making a girl feel special…in fact your date should be planned with 2 things n mind

1. Make her feel special
2. Get to know her a bit better

But you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a first date; It just looks flashy, needy or both
(And if you have a beautiful car don’t feel obligated to tell her…that smells of deep neediness people who have money and tell everyone about it or people who pretend to have money are needy and rather boring)

3. Be a gentleman

2 words on this subject guys (MAN-UP)
Chivalry and honor aren’t dead, but most guys don’t get it and act like schmucks. Conduct yourself like a Gentlemen and you’ll gain a woman’s respect. Open her doors, Pay the check,  Be nice…Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself

Think About This!

Before you get a date you need to attract someone special!
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