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3 reasons to be happy if you’re over 40 and online dating

Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine who got divorced a couple of years ago and had begun dating again…he was telling me how he hated online dating and that he felt disadvantaged as an older person.

Well my friend I wanted to give you 3 reasons why you can feel glad that you’re dating and over 40 so here goes!

Your previous relationships have made you wiser

Knowing yourself better and knowing what you want/don’t want in a relationship is a huge advantage. You know who you are, what’s important and you’re less likely to depend on a relationship to solve your problems too!

More money to enjoy dates.

Remember being younger and scraping together enough money to take your date to dinner or a movie? Most people have a little more money to spend on dating as they get older.

No biological clock

No pressure to get married and have kids…this sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

Another important thing you need to know…get good dating profile pictures

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