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3 Online Dating Profile Photo Tips for an Appealing Look – Our Guide

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In recent years, the popularity of online dating apps among the younger generation has increased. It is also surprising to find out that this trend has now actually reached out even to the older generation. The primary reason for this is due to the rapid growth of mobile and digital technology. 

Just a few years back, people commonly found their partners at pubs, through common friends, or at social gatherings. Nowadays, there are several social media or dating apps that help not-so-socially-active people in real life to meet someone special online. These dating apps have provided single people a chance to meet a partner and help them transition it from the virtual world to real life. 

Whether you are looking for a casual date or a serious relationship through these dating apps, know that your profile picture is the gateway that will make or break your chances of meeting the one. In this article, we will share with you four tips on how to make your profile photo more appealing. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Show your interests or hobbies in the picture 

In online dating, the chance of losing or gaining a person’s attention depends highly on your profile picture, but not solely on how you look. Know that the possibility of increasing profile views depends on the use of pictures that showcase your interest, among other aspects. Your profile picture should be able to convey that you know how to carry a conversation, or that you are fun to hang out with. Keep in mind that pictures can speak much about your behavior, attitude, and interest.

When you post pictures of your hobbies as well, you can fulfill two purposes in one go. Pictures that display not only your appearance in the picture, but also your interests, hobbies, or daily activities are excellent conversation starters. The main reason for posting these photos is to display what you do in your spare time. It will give you and your profile visitors a connection, especially if both of you share the same interests as well.

2. Do not create an impression that you only care about yourself

It is not surprising that the love of selfies is increasing each day. However, profiles that are loaded with the same selfies with only the slightest change in the position of angles may not appeal to the viewers. With such profiles, you may come across as a self-centered person, and it does not display any social side of you. 

If you find yourself making a similar mistake, it will be ideal to post several profile pictures with friends, colleagues, or even teammates, to highlight your social side and natural look. These pictures show that you enjoy life with people who share the same interests. Although you may not look stunning in the photo, your aim is to display the fun you have with the people around you. One aspect to remember, however, is that you shouldn’t choose a big group photo, because it will be hard for the viewer to know which person you are.

3. Showcase your pet

If you are an animal lover, know that you can even include your furry friends into your profile picture! It has been shown that most women find men who have pets to be attractive because those types of pictures send a message that they are inherently protective, easy-going, gentle, and responsible, as well as caring.

When posting a picture of you on social dating apps, make sure to showcase yourself and your hobbies, while looking good in those photos. Finding your best angle and lighting is also essential. Show them your interests and that you are worth their time, and they will want to get to know more about you. 

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