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3 Online Dating tips for shy people

If you are shy dating can seem a bit scary and overwhelming.
Online dating can  give you a chance to meet someone special in the comfort of your home, making it much, much easier to start the process of dating.

Eventually though you’ll need to go a date and meet in person!

3 simple online dating tips

Here are three tips to make it easier

1. Keep it short

The first date hasn’t got to last for hours and hours. For the first date, meet for coffee and a brief talk. Knowing that the first date will be short will do 2 things

i. It will take the pressure off, and if you want to extend the date and you’re having a good time then this is usually easy to do!

ii.Remember a first date is just to see if you’re compatible…it’s a great strategy to have a great time and leave on a “high note” this will often leave your date “wanting  more of you”…you don’t have to tell them everything about you on the first date!…too much information is overwhelming for most people

2. Be detached from the outcome

Another huge mistake that people make is to go into online dates with specific expectations. The main one is usually “I have to make a love connection.”  This is yet another example of what NOT to do while online dating, (and this will drive anyone crazy!). Doing this will ensure that you will have a disastrous online dating experience.

Don’t get us wrong, it is smart and necessary to have the expectation that you will eventually make a love connection and meet “the one.” And having this mindset is vital if you want to attract the partner of your dreams. But the key is to remain detached to the romantic outcome and to let that process unfold naturally. Do not try to force or rush destiny.

Take it Easy…

If you go into your online dates thinking “this one is going to be the one, this one is going to be the one,” then you will put a huge amount of unwanted pressure on both you and your poor date. You will come off desperate, needy, or aggressive, none of which are attractive and will warrant a second or third date. And if you don’t feel an immediate connection you will be incredibly disappointed, you will shut down emotionally, and your entire date will be ruined.

If you continue to do this over an extended number of dates you will eventually become bitter, traumatized and completely turned off by the entire online dating experience altogether. And if that happens, it will dramatically decrease your odds of ever finding the person of your dreams.

Your only valid expectation…

Having fun should be the only immediate expectation you should have when going into an online date. And once again don’t forget that only you are responsible for your fun. When you are detached to the romantic outcome of your dates you will remove resistance and have a great online dating experience (and so will your date). And believe it or not you will be able to attract your dream partner much faster & easier than you ever imagined possible. Below are a few suggestions that may help:

i. Remember, having fun should be the only immediate expectation you should have when going into an online dates.
Tell yourself that each person you meet adds something positive to your dating experience, and helps prepare you for “The One.”

ii. Remind yourself that online dating is exciting and appreciate every moment of being single – when the time is right you will be in a loving relationship.

3. Think ahead:

Shy people often feel less shy or nervous when they are prepared. Don’t over think this just read their profile and think ahead of time the things that you want to ask them!

Dating online? The most important thing you need to know…

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    Most important. Act yourself. Be straight up with her. Believe it or not, girls are people just like us. You can treat them just like you would treat your regular male friends (for the most part) when it comes to just going out for something to do whether it be a movie or dinner somewhere or whatever. Women (again, for the most part) respect you if you just act yourself, listen to them, make them laugh, and generally, just be someone that is fun to be around. Worst thing to do is to try and be someone you’re not with them because 1) they’ll see it eventually and 2) You’ll just make yourself miserable. Find out what she does for fun. Find out where her favorite place is to eat. Ask her what her favorite book is, or favorite music. Asking questions isn’t bad. It lets her know you’re interested. Now I have to throw in a few DON’Ts haha..Try not to call her too much. Too much would be every hour on the hour. Nobody likes having someone up in their face 24/7. Don’t do stuff like compliment her for everything and anything. You might think you’re being nice, but to her.. You just went from sweet to creepy.As far as going out somewhere. There isn’t much to it. Tell yourself you’re more comfortable than you really are. Talk to her like you’ve known her for a long time, but don’t forget to ask questions. Make her feel like she isn’t boring you to death or making you real nervous. Be prepared to answer her questions if she has any. Pick up the bill if you want. She’ll probably tell you that she’ll pay for her own stuff, but tell her you got it and that she can leave the tip.When it comes down to it. Everyone is different. That’s why the main thing is to ask questions. Don’t make her feel like she’s on a game show but ask them.. Crack some jokes. Make her feel like you care what she has to say. Talk about people you both know to break the ice. That’s about it, to be really general.


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    Some great general dating tips and advice in your reply-Thanks Suyal 🙂


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