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2 Simple tips to enjoy the process of online dating

Here’s a familiar story:

“So I got my membership with and eHarmony, uploaded my photos and spent hours crafting a finely written profile.

It’s not that I don’t go out on dates…I usually meet someone once a week…it’s just I’ve never met the right person. Most often I meet people and feel no chemistry!

All my friends all tell me they can’t believe that I’m still single after 6 months of dating-I just want to find “the one” and end this loneliness…I hate dating”


It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re looking for love and haven’t found it yet! Here are 2 simple tips to help you enjoy the process of dating until you find that someone dating process

1. Be realistic

It took me a year to meet the girl of my dreams, and I had to go on a lot of dates, this is NORMAL for many people, so accept that you’ll meet a lot of people while you’re looking for that perfect partner, make peace with this fact and realize that this is the way it often works.

2.Take the pressure off to Enjoy the process

Take the pressure off yourself on a date…think of it as “just meeting people”
instead of going a date with the aim of behaving perfectly and creating a great impression, be authentic, enjoy your time getting to know the other person, accept the fact that you most likely will meet a lot of people who aren’t your match and feel at ease enough to share your opinions, have interesting conversations and laugh.

When we release ourselves to the process and stop forcing it. Then we’ll have more fun and stand a better chance of meeting someone special

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