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10 Dating tips for Gentlemen

Guys don’t be a uncouth or ungentlemanly…follow these tips

Chivalry is NOT dead

Open the car door for her, pull out her chair, walk on the car side of the street…It takes no effort to do these things, but it makes all the difference.


Don’t get caught up in the version of the man you wish you were-be the real you.

Dress well

First impressions matter, dress like a gent.

Show respect.

Show up on time, be polite to the waiter and give your date your attention and please be subtle-don’t stare directly at her boobs.

Don’t drink too much

A beer or two is fine, but no one likes a messy drunk or someone who reveals TMI (Too Much information)

Turn off your phone

Your bros are not invited on the date.

Compliment your date.

Whether it’s her hair, eyes or dress, tell her how great she looks. Giving her a compliment will make her feel good

NEVER Talk about your EX

…just don’t go there

Pay for the date

That’s right… a Gentleman pays…this isn’t a power play-you’ve asked her on a date because you like her and want to do something nice with no strings attached.

Kiss Her

If the first date has gone well and you’re feeling it then go for the kiss at some point towards the end…don’t puss out!


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