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5 dating tips for women over 40

Dating tip 1: Get healthy.

Get toned and healthy; this will improve your self-confidence and overall health. When you look good you’ll feel good!

Dating tip 2: Wear the right clothes

Though you may not want to try to dress like a 20-year-old, dress to accentuate the body parts you are most proud of. Wear clothing that is appropriate for your body type and that makes you feel wonderful.

Dress to kill…for confidence.
I get asked by so many women what to wear for both photos and a first dates, and here’s what I tell them every time: It’s better to show up in last year’s clothes with this year’s confidence, than last year’s confidence and this year’s clothes. (and when you feel confident it will also show in your online dating photos and attract more people)

Think about it.
Confidence and sex appeal is about owning who you are.
Even if you have the most gorgeous Valentino dress, shoes by Jimmy Choo and half a million dollars’ worth of jewelry by Tiffany’s, if it doesn’t feel right or it just isn’t ‘you’ then it will never work, you’ll be uncomfortable and ill at ease — and nothing kills a date faster.  Find clothes that you feel confidence in you and you’ll be a knockout. Smart, successful men want to spend their time with women who are relaxed, confident and at ease.

Dating tip 3: Learn to listen.

Pay attention to the small details and remember them.  If you want to really impress him, bring up a small detail he mentioned on the last date.

Tip 4: Be discreet.

Don’t talk about past relationships and their details.  He may act like she wants to know, but he really doesn’t want to know.  Trust me on this one!

Dating tip 5: Relax.

The most important tip for women over 40 who are dating is simply to relax. Don’t compare the way you look now with the way you used to look ten or twenty years ago. Today you’re wiser and smarter and way less “needy” than many younger women, so enjoy yourself and shine.

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    Good basic advice for women, thankyou


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    You’re welcome, glad I could help, let me know if there are any specific “Dating” subjects that you want me to write about ~Giles


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